Village Hall Planting Project - August 16, 2017

The Village Hall Planting Project that was approved by the Board of Trustees in June is underway. The Board was assisted in this project by members of the Village’s Beautification Committee. Together, they will provide an “updated and fresh look” for Village Hall. During the past few days, crews from Sipala Landscaping Services have been removing and transplanting various items in an effort to showcase the Village with a wide range of plantings. Some of the new plant material will include such items as Stewartstonian Azaleas, a Kousa Dogwood, Tuscarora Crape Myrtle, Big Blue Lily Turf, Happy Returns Daylilies, Hosta "Guacamoles," Western Arborvitae, and Rosa Red Drift, along with other flowering perennials. Seasonal bulbs and a selection of flowering plants will be included each year as well. Included in the contract award is a twelve-month warranty and maintenance program. Additional photos will be posted next week.