A Message from the Mayor

On behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, I welcome you to the Village of Old Westbury’s website.  I trust that our website will guide you and that you will be able to learn more about our special Village and the services we provide.

This past year proved to be one of the most exciting and productive years since our incorporation in 1924. Our Village is located just off the Long Island Expressway in the middle of Nassau County between Manhattan and the shores of eastern Long Island. The design of our residential homes, our country-style streets, our area schools that continue to be among the highest-rated in the county and the large amount of open space make the Village of Old Westbury a premier and most desirable community to live in, not only in Nassau County, but in the country.

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Mayor Fred J. CarilloMayor Fred J. Carillo

The Latest News & Press Releases

Village Hall Office Closed
(February 16th
Village Hall Offices will be closed for President's Day on Monday, February 19th and will re-open on Tuesday, February 20th at 9AM.

Village Hall Office Closed
(February 9th
Village Hall Offices will be closed for Lincoln’s Birthday on Monday, February 12th and will re-open on Tuesday, February 13th at 9AM.

NewsdayGrateful for help from Old Westbury police
(January 27th
Old Westbury policeI was walking on the shoulder of Jericho Turnpike because the sidewalk was filled with snow, but the lane was blocked by a parked vehicle.

My only choice, it seemed, was to walk into oncoming traffic, which I couldn’t see. What was I to do?

Lo and behold, an Old Westbury police car came along, and an officer asked whether he could help. He offered me a ride back down the road to my home at The Arbors Assisted Living at Westbury.

He put my walker in the front seat and me in the back. He saw my Korean War hat, and I told him I was 85 and had served in that war. He told me his grandfather also had served.

The village police department should be proud.

Bernard Fradkin, Jericho

Department of Public Works Update
(January 24th
Dear Residents,

I am excited to share with you some of the things that are going on in our Village.


Two years ago, we embarked on an annual road repair project. To date, we have repaved approximately twenty Village roads. We anticipate paving an additional ten roads this spring.

To ensure we can quickly and efficiently repair dangerous potholes on our roads, we purchased an asphalt hotbox.  Having our own hotbox gives us independence from third-party paving companies. We now budget funds annually as part of our commitment to rid our Village of potholes and other dangerous conditions that may come to exist on our roadways.  


In 2018, we are looking to install more than 1,000 smart water meters on all homes in the Village. This will not only ensure that there is no human error in reading the meters, but it will also permit residents to remotely monitor their usage and detect leaks.  The result will be less water wasted, thereby saving residents money.

Tree Planting Program:

Last year, we were fortunate to have PSEG remove hundreds of trees throughout the Village.  These trees had exhausted their lifespan and were in decline.  They not only were a threat to power lines, leading to power outages, but their falling limbs were a danger to health and safety.  We thank PSEG for their efforts and the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Village saved as a result of their work, which was provided at no charge to the Village.

In the spring, we will be embarking on one of several tree planting projects in the Village to restore and enhance those roads most affected by the tree removal. Our first project will be the stretch of road between the service road and Post Avenue that we call Little Wheatley. Close to seventy trees were removed from this 1.3 mile stretch of road just last year by PSEG. This road also suffered from additional tree loss during the past few years and the few trees that were previously planted were insufficient to restore the aesthetic of the road.  

Many of you have contacted me and asked when trees would be planted. I am pleased to report that, this spring, 143 trees will be planted on Little Wheatley. We want to thank Stuart Senter Inc. for providing us with the services of his Senior Landscape Manager to assist with the planning, as well as our Beautification Committee. Additional trees will be planted this summer on other roads. The considerable cost of these plantings will not be derived from our taxes, but rather from a generous donation from the Glen Oaks Country Club.

The Village wishes to thank the Glen Oaks Country Club for their most generous donation, which they graciously gave the Village following the successful Northern Trust Tournament this past summer.  Through their generosity, we will be able to plant throughout the Village this summer and, as stated, at no expense to our residents.

The Building Department and The Department of Public Works:

I would like to share with you what I believe is the most exciting news in our Village. Two years ago, our Budget Officer, Ed Novick, spearheaded a committee that revised our building code. Since the new laws have gone in effect, not only are we seeing larger, more stately homes under construction, but the building department has seen a tremendous increase in its workload. I am pleased to report that, since the enactment of the new code and process, we have increased revenue in the building department approximately 40% to date.  

In keeping with our efforts to continue to provide more efficient services to our residents, we have decided to hire a new Superintendent of Public Works. This will allow Mr. Michael Malatino, our Superintendent of Buildings and our Chief Building Department Inspector, the ability to focus on ensuring that the building process works as smoothly and efficiently as possible for all our residents.  In addition, this reorganization will enable more time to be allocated to enforce our Village code.  

Your Commissioner of Public Works,
Marina Chimerine

Former Village Mayor Harvey Blau
(January 19th
It is with deep regret that the Village announces the passing of former Village Mayor Harvey Blau. Mr. Blau was Mayor of Old Westbury between 1999-2008.

The Village’s thoughts and prayers are with the entire Blau family.

2018 Village Road Paving Project Underway
(January 17th
The Village Board of Trustees at their meeting held January 16th approved the re-BID for paving on Andover Road and Valley Road. In addition, the Board approved the 2018 Road Paving Project that will include 11 roads - an estimated 2.1 miles of Village roadway.

The 11 roads include: Bridle Path (section of), Colt Place, Deepwood Court, Kings Drive, Langley Lane, Old Farm Lane, Paddock Court, Polo Drive, Powells Lane, Quaker Lane and a section of Stone Arch Road. BIDS for both projects will be returnable in March/April and work will follow. The Engineering Firm awarded the project is LiRo Engineers, Inc.

Village Hall Office Closed
(January 12th
As a reminder, Village Hall Offices will be closed on Monday, February 15th in honor of Marin Luther King, Jr. Day.

New Trees Will Be Arriving!
(January 10th
At the Special Board of Trustees meeting held on Monday, January 8th, the Board of Trustees awarded a Tree Planting Contract to Scenic Designs of East Moriches, New York to plant 143 trees along “Little” Wheatley Road. Trustee Chimerine, who oversaw this project, is hopeful that the planting will begin by early April. A wide range of “street trees” were selected in order to provide a variety of shape and color which will only enhance the beauty of the roadway.

Village Equipment Cleaned & Ready
(January 9th
Following the recent snow fall, Village crews took advantage of some warmer weather and cleaned all equipment that was used in the recent snow removal operations. Once the vehicles were cleaned, they were inspected by the Village Mechanic to ensure they are in proper working condition and ready for the next snow fall.

Click here to view some of the photos

Special Board of Trustees Meeting Scheduled
(January 5th
The Village Board of Trustees will be holding a Special Meeting at Village Hall on Monday, January 8th at 4:30PM. The Meeting will take place in the Board Room at Village Hall. Refer to the Board of Trustees section for the Agenda.

Incoming Snow
(January 3rd
With two minor snow falls already this season, the Village’s Department of Public Works and Water Department crews are ready for another approaching snow fall scheduled to arrive this evening into tomorrow. All equipment is ready to go and the annual supply of sand and salt is full. The roadways will first be treated with a mixture of sand/salt and once accumulation approaches 2” plows will be in action. During the snow removal process residents are reminded to have snow that is removed from their driveways pushed to the sides of the roadway and NOT into the street. A collection of “Seasonal Safety Tips” appear on the left side of this page.

On behalf of the Mayor and Board of Trustees,
Happy New Year!

Prepayment of 2018 Village Taxes
(December 26th
On December 22nd Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order temporarily allowing the pre-payment of certain property taxes. Unfortunately, however, this Executive Order does not authorize the Village of Old Westbury, nor most villages, to accept prepayment of taxes for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

The Governor’s Executive Order was issued to address the recently passed revisions to the Federal Tax Code which limits the deduction for state and local taxes. As explained by the New York State Conference of Mayors, the Governor’s Executive Order authorizes the acceleration of the issuance of tax warrants not usually issued until January 1st and, in instances of pre-payment, authorizes partial payment of such taxes.

However, this only affects Villages that have a tax year that begins on January 1st. The Village of Old Westbury’s tax year begins on June 1st of each year and the Village’s tax warrants are not effective until June 1st. Consequently, the Village’s ability to collect taxes is not effective until June 1st. Thus, the Governor’s authorization of the acceleration of tax warrants issued January 1st does not authorize the Village of Old Westbury to accept payments on Village taxes for the 2018-2019 Village fiscal year.

Nonetheless, the Governor’s Executive Order does appear to affect the ability of residents to pre-pay their General Taxes (County and Town taxes) which will become due January 1st, 2018. Further, even before this Executive Order, residents were able to pre-pay their second half School Taxes for the 2017-2018 tax year, which are not due until April 1, 2018, but which were payable at any time after October 1, 2017.

General taxes and School taxes are collected by the Towns. For further information on the payment of General and School taxes, please contact the Office of the Town of North Hempstead Receiver of Taxes at (516) 869-7800, or for those residents living within the Town of Oyster Bay please call the Town of Oyster Bay Receiver of Taxes at (516) 624-6400.

A Hanukkah and a Christmas E-Blast were recently created and distributed to residents.

Sunday Night / Monday Road Paving
(December 1st) 
Please be advised that roadway milling and paving is scheduled on the North Service Road between Red Ground Road and Glen Cove Road. Milling will occur on Sunday evening, December 3rd and final paving is scheduled for Monday, December 4th. This is associated with the National Grid Gas Main Replacement Project. Old Westbury Police will be on site during the milling and paving operations to assist with traffic control. Residents along this area will be notified.

Village Tree Bid Released
(November 28th) 
The Village on November 22nd released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to twenty vendors for tree plantings along “Little” Wheatley Road. The Village Board working with the Village’s Landscape Architect and Beautification Committee is committed to replacing the large number of trees on this roadway that had fallen down because of prior storms or were removed due to their interference with overhead electrical lines. The plantings are being proposed for either early December or early Spring. There are ten different types of trees included in the RFP. Most are considered “street friendly” and columnar type trees. The BID includes the installation, maintenance and a two-year guarantee of 143 trees.

“Town Hall Meeting” Update
(November 21st) 
The Village Board of Trustees held their 2nd Town Hall Meeting on Thursday evening November 16th in order to share with the residents of Old Westbury a wide range of topics and to allow time to address questions. Topics in the Board’s presentation included:

  • Improved Level of Communications (web-site, Newsletter, e-mail notifications)
  • Capital Projects: Road Paving, Water Projects & Tree Planting Program
  • Development of an“in-house” Service Garage for Village vehicles and equipment
  • Budget Conditions: Current & Future

Click here to view some of the event photos

We Join in Saying Thank You to Our Veterans for Their Sacrifices and Service to Our Country

Water Invoices Mailed and Improved
(November 1st) 

The Water Invoices covering the period of May 1st to October 31st are being mailed. This semi-annual invoice was improved so that it will be clearly understandable and provide homeowners with basic information related to their water usage. All payments must be received by December 1st to avoid a 5% late penalty. A return envelope is provided with the invoice or a “drop-box” is available on the counter at Village Hall for payments.

Click here to see the improved Water Invoice.

Well #7 – Process Update
(October 27th) 
The development of new Water Well# 7 is moving forward. The final depth of this new well is approximately 566 feet. During this past week the drilling crew started the process of setting a 10 inch “test pump”. The test pump is positioned at a depth of approximately 300 feet – the water static level is approximately 235 feet. Following the test pump operation period, several water samples will be taken for water quality.

The next step in the development of the well will be the design and bidding process for the final Well Pump and enclosed Well House structure.
To see photos of the progress click here

Jayden Hooshi, Old Westbury resident, selected to Team USA 
(October 19th) 

Congratulations to Old Westbury resident Jayden Hooshi for his selection on Team USA for the Pan American Youth and Veteran Fencing Championship. Jayden is a 9 year old at Cantiague Elementary School. His achievement has been acknowledged with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congressman Tom Suozzi and a citation from the Town of North Hempstead from Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth.

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Town Hall Meeting Scheduled
The Mayor and Board of Trustees have scheduled a Village of Old Westbury Town Hall Meeting. The date is Thursday, November 16th at 7PM. The meeting will be held in the DPW Garage located behind Village Hall. Some of the topics will include:

  • Overall State of the Village
  • Budget Conditions – Current & Future
  • Capital Projects – Road Paving & Water Projects
  • Staff Productivity Measures and Modernizations Enhancements
  • Questions & Answers

Please save the date!

Water Invoices Due By December 1st
(October 19th) 
As a reminder to all Village residents, Water Invoices for the water period of May-October are scheduled to be mailed by November 1st.  All payments will be due by December 1st to avoid a 5% penalty.  Payment can be delivered to Village Hall during business hours to ensure payment is received.  The second Water Invoice for the watering period of November to April will be mailed by May 1st

Fresh Coat of Paint (October 18th)
Before the cooler months arrive the Village’s Department of Public Works employees are in the process of painting all Stop Sign lines that are on Village roads.  This process will take several days to properly complete and will ensure clean and visible roadway markings throughout the Village.  

Village Garage Up and Running

(October 18th)
The Village’s newly established service garage is in full operation and capable of servicing a wide range of Village equipment that includes heavy duty trucks, Police vehicles, pick-up trucks and smaller equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers.The service area was recently completed and is located in the first bay of the
DPW garage next to Village Hall.  Within the new service area is an auto lift and full supply of tools and parts to ensure repairs are done properly and in a timely manner.This investment by the Village is already showing cost savings in a number of ways. In the below photos, Village employee and head mechanic Angelo Gallo, is  performing preventative maintenance on a Village Police car, and beginning a larger rehabilitation project on a 2002 International truck, so it will be ready for snow removal operations this Winter.

Click here to see photos of the new garage

Village Hall Closed Monday
(October 9th)

Village Hall will be closed on Monday, October 9th in observance of Columbus Day. 

Village recieves formal "Thank You" from Senator Phillips
(October 5th)

Mayor Carillo received a formal “thank you” from New York State Senator Elaine Phillips in recognition of the Village’s collections efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Working side-by-side with the Senator the Mayor was very thankful for the generosity of the residents of Old Westbury.

Click here to view the letter

Roadway Stripping
(October 3rd)

Village DPW Crews over the next several weeks will be stripping the white bar line and yellow lines in front of stop signs on Village roadways. The equipment being used is owned and operated by Village employees. All areas of stripping will be properly marked out and drivers

2017 Road Paving Project Continues
(October 3rd)

The 2017 Road Paving Project is continuing with several roads within the Village currently being addressed. This annual capital improvement project started toward the end of August and will continue during the month of October. The current phase of the work includes:

  • Curbing work on Woods Lane and Campo Circle
  • Milling and first layer of paving on Carriage Drive, Coachmans Court and Grace Drvie
  • Clean-up and area seeding is scheduled for Windsor Drive and Highland Court  

Included in this year’s road paving project is the addition of “Roadway Curve” and “Fire Hydrant” reflector
markers to aid drivers during the evening hours. Please use caution when driving is these areas. 

Click here for some recent photos of the progress.

Village Hall Planting Update Project
(October 2nd)

The new plantings at Village Hall are installed and taking shape. Several different types of perennials were included to ensure a wide range of material and color. Mums were recently added to provide a full display of seasonal color and tulips will be added that will show the first signs of Spring in April.

Stop by Village Hall and take a look or click here for a selection of photos.

Relief Effort Collection A Success
(September 15th)
On Thursday afternoon Senator Elaine Phillips stopped by Village Hall and thanked the Village for their assistance in the collection efforts in support of the victims of the recent Texas flooding. Several containers of needed supplies and cases of water were collected over the past two weeks. The items will be leaving Village Hall and heading to Texas next week. Joining Senator Phillips and Mayor Carillo was Trustee Ed Novick.


Remembrance of 9/11
(September 11th)

On behalf of the Village of Old Westbury, those lost during the events of September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten.


Mayor Carillo joins Senator Phillips in the Relief Efforts for the Victims of the Texas Flooding
(September 1st)

Yesterday morning, Mayor Carillo announced that the Village of Old Westbury will partner with Senator Elaine Phillips in the effort to assist the victims of the recent flooding in Texas. This combined relief effort will seek both supplies and monetary donations. The supply items needed are listed on the attached flyer, and, with the assistance of Island Harvest, all collected items will be transported to the victims in Texas during the week of September 18th.

Village Hall will be the collection location for all supply items starting on Tuesday, September 5th, and the Old Westbury Police Department will be the collection location when Village Hall is closed. To ensure that all items collected are delivered to Texas on time, the collection effort will end on Friday, September 15th.

All monetary donations should be made directly to the Red Cross at www.redcross.org.
• "Hurricane Harvey"

Click here for more information regarding this collection effort.

Well 7 Progress Continues
(August 31st)

The final depth required for Water Well 7 was reached and the process of cementing the sections of steel is underway. At a depth of over 540 feet the outside wall of the steel sections are being filled with a cement mix called “drilling slurry”. A total of approximately 60 to 70 cubic yards of this mixture will be required to ensure the water well hole remains in place. During this phase of the project several “plumbness and alignment” tests are conducted to ensure the well hole is straight.

Click here for a few photos of this process.

Busy Weekend in Old Westbury
(August 28th)

  • On Saturday the day began with the Farmers Market at Village Hall.
  • The Scottish Games took place on the grounds of the Old Westbury Gardens: this annual event drew thousands.
  • Ending after 6 p.m. on Sunday was the sudden-death playoff hole of the Northern Trust Golf Tournament.

Click here for photos of the Scottish Games.

Northern Trust / FedEx Golf Tournament – Wonderful Success
(August 28th)

After months of planning, the final sudden-death round of the Northern Trust ended yesterday on a playoff hole between Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth. The Worlds #1 golfer Dustin Johnson won following a 341 drive. The week-long event, played at the Glen Oaks Golf Club, was also a success for the Club, the PGA and the Old Westbury Police Department – together they worked to ensure that all traffic and safety for the event’s spectators was properly managed. In today’s New York Times the condition of the course was described as “a course with plush fairways, egg-white sand traps and clean sightlines that call to mind Augusta National.”

Click here for a few updated photos.

Well 7 Update
(August 25th)

Thomas O’Connor the Village’s Superintendent of Water recently reported to the Mayor and Board of Trustees that the required depth of just 500 feet for new water well 7 twenty inch casing was reached and completed. Each section is approximately 21 feet long and are welded together and then placed into the hole. The next step in the process is to cement grout the well casing.

Click here for a few updated photos.

Village Hall Planting Project Update
(August 22nd)

The various types of new plant material have arrived at Village Hall and planting is underway and will continue tomorrow. On Thursday and Friday the irrigation system will be adjusted for the new plantings and then on Monday, August 28th the entire area will be mulched.

Click here for a few updated photos.

Milo was found and is back home!
(August 22nd)

We extend our thanks to the Village residents who kept an eye out for Milo, who was reported missing yesterday. We’re pleased to report that Milo was found and safely returned to its owner.

Lost Dog
(August 21st)

There is currently a lost dog in the Village of Old Westbury. A six-month-old, all-white maltichon (Maltese breed) named “Milo” is missing. Milo was last seen this morning in the area of Rolling Hill Road. If you see Milo, please call the Old Westbury Police Department at 516-626-0200. Everyone’s assistance is greatly appreciated.

National Grid – Gas Main Replacement Project Update
(August 21st)

We want to thank the Village of Old Westbury officials, police department and all of its residents for their patience, understanding and cooperation as we continue to install a new natural gas pipeline that will modernize and strengthen the region’s gas system. As of today, we’ve installed more than 2,000 feet of pipe starting at Pinetree Lane and moving west. We are approximately 80 percent complete with this aspect of our work in the Village, with about 400 feet to go to reach Glen Cove Road. Please note: We will not perform any work in the Village related to this project from August 19-28 due to the Northern Trust PGA golf tournament. Once the tournament finishes, our goal is to finish pipe installation and temporary repaving by the first week of September. The project then continues into East Hills. We will, however, be back in the Village in mid-September to “tie in” an existing pipeline with the new one. This will take place over about two days and involve some trenching and installation work at the intersection of Red Ground Round, extending about 50 feet west along the LIE service road. Before we do this work, we are scheduled to construct and cover the tie-in pit the evening of Tuesday, August 29.

Village Hall Planting Project
(August 16th)

The Village Hall Planting Project that was approved by the Board of Trustees in June is underway. The Board was assisted in this project by members of the Village’s Beautification Committee. Together, they will provide an “updated and fresh look” for Village Hall. During the past few days, crews from Sipala Landscaping Services have been removing and transplanting various items in an effort to showcase the Village with a wide range of plantings. Some of the new plant material will include such items as Stewartstonian Azaleas, a Kousa Dogwood, Tuscarora Crape Myrtle, Big Blue Lily Turf, Happy Returns Daylilies, Hosta "Guacamoles," Western Arborvitae, and Rosa Red Drift, along with other flowering perennials. Seasonal bulbs and a selection of flowering plants will be included each year as well. Included in the contract award is a twelve-month warranty and maintenance program. Additional photos will be posted next week.

Click here for a few photos of the beginning of the project.

The Northern Trust / FedEx Cup Golf Tournament – One Week Away
(August 14th)

The upcoming major golf tournament will take place from Tuesday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 27th on the grounds of the Glen Oaks Golf Club.  The Old Westbury Police Department, under the direction of Chief Glaser, has dedicated a great deal of time over the last few months to ensure personal safety and traffic control during the event.  This past week, Mayor Fred J. Carillo welcomed the various emergency management representatives to Village Hall who were conducting one of a series of planning sessions related to the event.  Click here to see photos highlighting the outstanding condition the course is in and its readiness for championship play.

2017 Road Paving Projects Moving Forward
(August 11th)

The 2017 Road Paving Project is on schedule. Bacon Road south of I.U. Willets Road and Hitchcock Lane are almost completed – the roadways have been paved and the paving markings are scheduled for today and will be completed by next week. In the week ahead, concrete curb and gutter work will begin on Windsor Drive and on Highland Court. Also included for the week ahead will be required adjustments to several roadway castings and water values at other locations. The remaining roads scheduled for this year include: Campo Circle, Carriage Drive, Coachmans Court, Grace Drive, Haybarn Court and Woods Lane. If you have questions regarding this project please call the Village’s Superintendent of Public Works Michael Malatino at 626-0800 or at mmalatino@villageofoldwestbury.org.

Summer Edition of the Village Newsletter
(August 11th)

The Village Newsletter should be arriving in your mail today or by early next week! Topics include: Village Justice Election – Community Events – Northern Trust Golf Tournament – Friends of Old Westbury – Zoning Code Changes – Village Budget/Recent NYSOSC Audit – Water and Road Improvement. If you do not receive a copy please contact Village Hall at 626-0800.

2nd Community Picnic – Another Success
(July 19th)

The Village Board welcomed Old Westbury residents last evening to the 2nd Annual Community Picnic on the wonderful and spectacular grounds of Old Westbury Gardens. The event was attended by approximately 85 residents of all ages. Everyone enjoyed their picnic and beverages while engaging in conversation and laughter. Music was provided by the outstanding five-piece Jason Liebman and Band. The evening was also a platform for the Friends of Old Westbury to introduce their activities in their effort to raise funds to support the beauty of the Village. Click here for more information regarding this newly created community based group.

Click here for some photos!

Farmers Market Coming to Old Westbury!
(July 10th)

Announcing the first Old Westbury Farmers Market will be held on the last two Saturdays of June, July, August and September on the grounds at Village Hall between 10 and 12 noon.
This will be a modest and intimate trial.  The Village is delighted to feature the organic Old Westbury grown vegetables and fresh eggs from our fellow resident Peter Paniccia.

Click here for some photos!
Click here to read the Newsday article.

June 17 and 24th
July 22nd and 29th
August 19th and 26th
September 23rd and 30th

Old Westbury Village Hall - One Store Hill Road, Old Westbury

Road Paving Projects
(June 30th)

The Village Board approved approximately 2.7 miles of roads to be resurfaced within the next few months. Road included are: Bacon Road,Campo Circle, Carriage Drive, Coachmans Court, Grace Drive, Haybarn Court, Highland Court, Hitchcock Lane, Valley Road, Windsor Drive and Woods Lane. The scheduled start date will is July 10th – Hitchcock Land and Bacon Road will be the first two roads that will begin the project. The contactor is InterCounty Paving. Notices to residents will be made at least 72 hours prior to the roadway being paved. Any questions may be directed to either Michael Malatino (DPW Superintendent) or Brian Ridgway (Village Administrator) at 626-0800.

Friends of Old Westbury
(June 28th)

The Village is pleased to welcome the “Friends of Old Westbury” to the Village’s website. For additional information about this newly created organization “click” on the link that is on the left side of the HOME page just under the Calendar of Events. Representatives from the Friends of Old Westbury will also be at the upcoming Old Westbury Community Picnic scheduled for Tuesday, July 18th on the grounds of the Old Westbury Gardens starting at 6:30PM.

Village Justice Election Results
(June 21st)

The Village Election for Village Justice was conducted yesterday and the winner was current Village Justice the Honorable Susan Schmidt-Chorost.

Final totals:
Albert Khafif: 169
Susan Schmidt-Chorost: 396

Village Election – Tuesday, June 20th
(June 1st)

The annual Village Election will be held on Tuesday, June 20th between the hours of 12noon and 9PM at Village Hall.  The election will be for Village Justice for a four (4) year term.   All voters must be residents of the Village of Old Westbury and a registered voter with the Nassau County Board of Elections.

Voters who in good faith expect to be absent on election day for allowable reasons can apply for an Absentee Ballot – refer to the below for additional information on the Absentee Ballot Application process:

Tuesday, June 13th:  Last day to apply to the Village Clerk for an Absentee Ballot that is to be mailed to qualified voters.

Monday, June 19th:  Last day to apply to the Village Clerk for an Absentee Ballot in person.

For questions related to the above, please call Village Administrator Brian Ridgway at 626-0800.

Special Board of Trustee Meeting:
(June 1st)

Please be advised that the Board of Trustees will be holding a Special Meeting on Friday, June 2, 2017 at 10AM at Village Hall.

The subject of the meeting is to consider the application of National Grid, pursuant to Chapter XII of the Nassau County Administration Code, for consent to do work in the Village in connection with the Gas Main Replacement Project along the north bound service road of the Long Island Expressway and such other business that comes before the Board.

2017 Village Tax Bills
(May 30th)

The annual Village Tax bills were mailed on Friday, May 26th and are payable without penalty by July 1st.

Road Construction Notification – National Grid Project
(May 30th)

The Village was advised today that the gas main replacement project will be delayed for an additional week in order that road closure signs may be proper displayed prior to the project beginning.     

Old Westbury Village Picnic – Tuesday, July 18th 6:30PM
(May 22nd)

The Mayor and Board of Trustees are pleased to announce the Old Westbury Village Picnic scheduled for Tuesday, July 18th. Come join your neighbors and share an evening of music and conversation under the stars at our local jewel, Old Westbury Gardens. Bring your dinner and drink, chairs & blankets. Picnic is held on the front lawn. Light fare will be available at Cafe In the Woods We look forward to welcoming you all there! Private Picnic is free for VOW residents.

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