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On November 20, 2015, Helen Julia Whitney de Roulet was delivered by a midwife in her home on Post Road in Old Westbury.  She was named after her Great, Great, Great Grandmother and sister-in-law to Harry Payne Whitney (Born 1872), an American businessman, thoroughbred horse breeder, philanthropist and member of the prominent Whitney family.  Mr. Whitney vacationed with his wife, Gertrude Vanderbilt, and his children in their summer home, surrounded by 5,000 acres, in Old Westbury.  Not since 1959 has there been a birth in Old Westbury.  Congratulations to the legacy of the Whitney family.

WATER SAFETY AND CONSERVATION:  As a reminder to have your backflow device tested before the September 1st due date, it is a good idea to ask your irrigation company to test the device when your irrigation system is turned on at the beginning of the Spring season and have them send the completed report to the Village Hall at 1 Store Hill Road, Old Westbury, NY  11568 or fax to 516 626-1296 Attention:  Thomas O’Connor, Superintendent Water Department.  If you have rain sensors, which are recommended to conserve water usage, they should also be tested annually.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OLD WESTBURY WATER DEPARTMENT:  For the 3rd Consecutive Year, the Village of the Old Westbury received an award and trophy for having the "Best Tasting Water in All of Nassau County!"

TREES COMING DOWN:  You may have noticed Asplundh cutting down trees on behalf of PSEG.  Stumps will be ground within days.  Marina, Mike Malatino and I met with chief arborist for PSEG again yesterday to assure that our goals are in sync.  Trees coming down are all dead or ailing.  We welcome PSEG's commitment to tree health and safety and are happy to work with them.  For the first time in years,  PSEG has had access to our village; and according to documentation, our electrical outages are some of the worst in Nassau County.  Going forward, PSEG's new vegetation management program will be kinder to our trees.  The utility is picking up the tab for this work and it is considerable.  During this process, the Beautification Committee will have time to weigh in on what is best to plant going forward.  It is painful to watch in the short term but it will be quick.  Spring is coming and we all know how gorgeous Old Westbury is during Spring.   Stately red maples are about to burst in bloom around the Village signaling the beginning of our growing season.  Please post photos of your favorite Old Westbury Spring moment.

ROAD REPAIRS BEGIN:  As previously reported, the Board of Trustees authorized, by unanimous support, a 1.6 million dollar expenditure to repair the Village's most needy roads.  Work on August Lane, Dowling Court, Horseshoe Road (from Stone Arch to dead end), Pheasant Run, St. Andrews Court, and Terrace Court will begin in late Spring and carry on through the season till completed.  This project is formally referred to as the Village Road Improvement Program for 2016. These roads were chosen after a thorough new evaluation by village engineer Bowne AET Group to categorize the state of each road.  Next year, we will move onto the the next list of most needy roads.  Simultaneously, the Highway Department will continue to repair spot issues on the roads that need immediate tending.  The money for this project came directly from tax revenues.  No bonds or loans were taken to do this work and taxes were not raised to fund it.

SAVE THE DATE:  First Old Westbury Residents' Picnic at Old Westbury Gardens, Thursday, July 28th hosted by the Old Westbury Beautification Committee.  Great chance to greet your neighbors and share a summer evening at our treasured neighborhood garden, Old Westbury Gardens.  Start planning your picnic fare and put the date on your calendar.  Details to follow.

VILLAGE ELECTIONS:  This year Village Elections will be held on Tuesday, June 21st from 12 Noon to 9 p.m. at Village Hall.  Mayor Fred Carillo, Trustee Marina Chimerine and Trustee Ed Novick will be running for re-election.  To register to vote, register with the County Board of Elections by June 10th.  To file for an absentee ballot, apply by June 14th with the Old Westbury Village Clerk.  Absentee Ballots must be received at Village Hall by June 21st.  For additional voting information, the website for Nassau County Board of Elections is and click on the Board of Elections link.

A Message from the Mayor

As Mayor, I wish to welcome you to our warm and inviting Village.

2015 proved to be one of the most exciting and productive years since our incorporation in 1924. Our schools continue to be among the highest-rated in the country. That, along with our beautiful neighborhoods, proximity to major roadways and New York City, continues to make Old Westbury one of the premier and most desirable residential communities to live in, not only in Nassau County, but in the country.

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Mayor Fred J. CarilloMayor Fred J. Carillo